Sarah Kogan: From the Corner of my Eye

18 - 31 May 2020

Karsten Schubert London is pleased to present  this online viewing room to coincide with the gallery’s announcement of representation of British abstract painter Sarah Kogan.


Kogan’s interest firmly lies within the materiality of paint; her work is described by Karsten Schubert London’s Managing Director Tom Rowland as communicating ‘a subtle vibrancy and internal resonance’. This series demonstrates Kogan’s ambiguous use of repeated motifs suggestive of the sublime, such as the crater, cluster, abyss and illuminated cavity. These psychological landscapes, with their implications of death, loss and war, may be viewed from an aerial perspective, towards a horizon or into outer space.

  • Sarah Kogan’s painting process for this body of work begins with months of controlled building of thin, painted layers and drawn shapes. As evocative as memories, these faintly visible underlayers inform the composition and are always partially visible. In the next part of her process, Kogan lies her canvas flat on her studio floor and uses a meticulous pouring method, manipulating the paint based on her knowledge and experience of pigment properties and the environment.

  • The best way that I can articulate this process is that it is like being a film director who works with the same actors over a number of years, using improvisation. Over time you get to know all their default moves and phrases, allowing them the ability to freefall into their characters, whilst you maintain control over the overarching direction of the narrative. If you know how to conduct the materials, then you can allow your ideas and inner thoughts the ability to soar into the stratosphere. 

  • About Sarah Kogan About Sarah Kogan

    Karsten Schubert London is delighted to announce representation of Sarah Kogan after recently showing her paintings in Room 2 and commissioning a new lithograph for their booth at the London Original Print Fair 2020 online.


    Sarah Kogan is a British artist and curator who works in London’s East End. She is a trustee of APT Gallery and Studios. Recent exhibitions include Tom Rowland Artroom solo exhibition (London, 2019), Miniscule Venice (58th Venice Biennale, 2019) and the publicly-funded international touring exhibition Changing the Landscape (Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Cogliandrino, Italy; The National Archives, UK; Atrium Gallery, London School of Economics and Manchester Central Library, 2016–18). She was selected by Alison Wilding for Creekside Open 2017 at APT Gallery, London. Sarah Kogan has been a guest lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts, The Estorick Collection and the groundbreaking 'Art of Psychiatry' module at Bethlem Royal Hospital. Contributions to presentations and academic conferences include The Photographers' Gallery, The British Library, The National Archives UK and Roehampton University.